George Sanen
Synesthetic Art

Synesthesia No. 24 - Painting andBILBAO sculpture
George Sanen Synesthetic Art is derived from the complex world of the artist’s mind. George Sanen’s brain joins the audible with the visual in the synesthetic condition in order to create his vibrant and painstakingly intricate sculptures and paintings.

A gifted student of mathematics and geometry, George Sanen Synesthetic Art resonates with his essential intellectual and aesthetic values. The synesthetic art work of George Sanen is a simple approach to abstract forms created on the basis of fundamental geometric shapes and structures. His is a form of Mathematical and Geometric art in its purest form.

Neurological studies by Dr. Ramachandran and Dr. Richard Cytowic expound upon the creative genius of synesthetes. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov and artist Vassily Kandinsky share the same synesthetic experience as Artist George Sanen.

The images perceived from his synesthetic condition, result in seemingly abstract works that are in fact induced by music. These images create the unusual geometric patterns that define George Sanen Synesthetic art.

The synesthetic perception of the artist’s work, with its many geometric permutations, play with the opposites of reality and illusion, while reminding the viewer of the simplicity and principles of the early twentieth century art movements of Bauhaus, DeStijl and Constructivism including the works of Sol Lewitt, Vassily Kandinsky, Elsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, Constantin Brancusi, Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley.