George Sanen’s...

work is the result of an increasingly unorthodox odyssey into new styles, materials, techniques and sensibilities. His art career has been devoted to exploring the potential of a singular approach to form, adhering strictly to the power of planar forms to communicate new and unexpected realities derived from meticulous geometry.

His paintings and sculptures are profoundly rewarding in what they have to teach us about looking. Sanen’s achievements in the visual arts are based on an acute sense of the fusion and interplay of form, color, shape, space and line, where subtlety and simplicity are allied with the extraordinary and the monumental.

In his art Sanen makes his unparalleled mastery of color, form and scale seem simple while making us aware of the intelligence that animates every piece.
His work is the result of a collective memory in search for the discovery of an individual identity. George Sanen’s paint work has been profoundly affected by his studies of the work done by Piet Mondrian, Victor Vasarely, Ellsworth Kelly Sol LeWitt, and Frank Stella.

Because of his formal training and education as an architect his influences vary from the simple classical works of LeCorbusier to the contemporary works of Santiago Calatrava, Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, and Tony Smith.

Sanen’s work is truly introspective and contemplative and his method of working is very different from that of the action painters and sculptors. He strives to make his art more intimate as well as part of the architecture of the environment in which it was planned.

Sanen’s small sculptures are created to demand a keen observation and participation from the observer, the simplicity and perfect balance of the shape and the structure is such, that unless the observer stops to think about the piece most likely it will miss the seeming impossibility of their static balance.

Some of his sculptures are only ideas for much larger sculptures to be placed in Urban Environments. Pieces that are to be observed from the distance as icons of our contemporary times, much in the same way the mega-art of the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Aztecs.

The ideas related to the flat plane, shape, color and line and the distinctions between these and the dimensional world of architecture and geometry in combination with the abstract world of mathematical formulas has allowed Sanen to produce some of the most original and fresh ideas in a long time.

Sanen has participated in International competitions for the Oklahoma City Memorial in Oklahoma City and the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC.

Oaklahoma City Memorial Competition

The artist about himself…

My art affirms neither a particular school nor doctrinaire Modernism, it only constitutes an affirmation that art has no rules, no systems…only possibilities.

My main interest lies in motivating the observer to use its deductive reasoning by subjecting all their senses to intuition and visual acuity…

While the placement of the vertical and horizontal lines are carefully calculated, the color and its intensity are random and casual, just as the relationship of one color to its adjacent partners, all of them a direct result of  Synesthesia.

The Abstract geometry represented in my work is a surge of my direct experiences of a new architectonic consciousness.

To most people, the word Geometry means Euclidean plane geometry, which is the study of properties of rigid plane figures. To me the word Geometry implies the study of properties of figures, in a space of multiple dimensions that are variant with respect to a defined group of transformations.

My interest in it has its origins in the fundamental aspects of symmetry which plays a fundamental role in organic chemistry, crystallography, biology, genetics and particle physics.

Although some of the paradoxes I paint and sculpt may seem at first to be little more than recreational curiosities, each one of them is derived from areas of geometry and mathematics such as group theory, logic. sequences, infinite series, quantum series, tesseracts, tessellations, enneiamonds and polyiamonds.

My art is nothing more than a form of discovery of the exciting relationships between the endless and beautiful applications of geometry and mathematics into painting and sculpture.

George Sanen

Quantum Transformation